Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A hundred days hath May and December . . .

Or at least they SHOULD have that many days if they're going to be as full as this! December and May are the craziest months in a large family -- or maybe in any family?

In the next 25 days, we have two work parties, two Church Christmas events, a violin concert, a dance recital, a school Christmas party, my mother's group discussion and field trip, Scouts and Activity Day girls, Visiting Teaching appointments (on Thursday -- I'm making my visits early this month!), orthodontist and doctor's visits, plus the extra things my family wants to do: go to the Farley Family Christmas play, see the new Carl Bloch exhibit at BYU, watch the downtown Living Nativity presentation, take three more kids out individually to shop for their secret buddies, and bring gifts to our neighbors and friends.

Oh, and my husband wants to make a trip with some of the kids down to visit his sister in Southern Arizona before she and her family leave for Germany (her husband is in the service).

I'm content, though, because most of our shopping is done, our Christmas cards are ordered (though I don't know if I'll send any this year if it gets too hectic), our Christmas decorations our out, and our 25 days of Christmas devotionals begin this evening.

Sound exciting? It should be! Hang on, December, as we cram 100 days' worth of activities in your 31 days.

Is your December as crazy as mine? What do you do to manage your holiday to-dos and events?


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