Monday, January 4, 2010

Need a better family calendar?

It's that time of year again -- time to get organized, get your life in order, make goals (one of mine? get that kitchen clean by 9:00 every day!), and put up your new calendar for 2010.

You've probably already bought one or two, maybe even had one made with cute photos of your kids all over it and teeny little spaces to write your appointments on. Well, you can still use those -- put one in your bedroom to keep track of your exercise and one in your office to brighten your day and make a quick check of dates easier.

But for your main family calendar, do what I do and get this one. Or one similar. Much as I like Sandra Boynton, I got this year's calendar at the dollar store. Of course, I bought it back when the Boynton one wasn't on sale.

The best part of this calendar is that it gives plenty of space to write things in each date. By making the dates go vertical and on both pages, it frees up lots of space.

The other part I like about the calendar is the different columns. It's intended for a smaller family than mine, with one column for each person, but I've modified it to fit our needs:
My columns read Mom, Dad, Family, School Kids, and Preschool Kids and the events going on go in each category accordingly. The dinner menu in the "Mom" category, along with the day the garbage goes out and whether it's a recycling week or not (even if I'm not taking those cans to the curb, I'm the one doing the reminding!). Events including all or most of the family, like my daughter's violin concerts, family parties and the like go in the "Family Category." In the picture below, gymnastics went in the family category because I had four kids in it and took most of the little kids along to watch. Events for my school kids go in that column, and so on.

We hang our calendar in the kitchen and it's easy, even from a distance, to quickly check it to see what's going on.

Anyone else know of a great calendar or system they want to share?


N I C O L said...

I use the giant oversized calendar from which costs about 5$22. It has about twenty lines and I write everything in by time. 2-3 MOM dentist and under that 5-6 NICK karate 7-8 Vanessa dance and so on. And I only only only use pencil. It attaches to my refrigerator with the accompanying magnet also sold at Staples. I cross off the days with a big 'ol sharpie just like my mom did. And I made fun of her calendar - shame on me! It works!!

♥Yaya's Mommy ♥ said...

I am your new follower from Follow Me Back Tuesday. Have a great day and thank you so much for stopping by.

Mom2three said...

I have long loved Sandra Boynton's calendars. I started using them when they first came out, and a few years ago went to the Mom's Family desk Planner as it was so portable and convenient. I tended to share my column with the pets and birthdays that I needed to remember. Great post!

Thank you so much for stopping and leaving a comment on my Piggy Tales. It has been great remembering and I'm having a hard time condensing it! Have a wonderful week!