Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cooking Challenge Extended

With things being so hard economy-wise, even $15 is hard to swing. Or, probably more accurately, the gas money to get to the Dollar Store. So, in light of that, we have decided to extend our bi-monthly Cooking Challenge and amend the rules a bit. So, if you're game to play, now's the time. Here's the "cheats":

The premise is the same, $15 to make a meal for 4 (appetizer, main course/side, and dessert), but you are allowed to use things you have on hand in your own pantry...provided you could reasonably get them from a dollar store. An extra allowance is that you are not restricted to dollar stores, you can purchase the items from any discount grocer (such as Aldi). Again, just be fair and pick items you'd be able to get from a Dollar Tree or similar store.

I would really like to get more people involved, so if you wanted to play, here is your chance! Good luck!

Also, just to avoid any confusion, all entries will be listed with links in this thread.